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Chino California is located in San Bernadino County located at the western end of San Bernadino. The beautiful Chino Hills are to the far west of San Bernadino. The area has some fabulous real-estate and it is a pleasant area in which to live. Looking for a home for sale in Chino can be an exciting experience.

Chino has many affordable homes which are perfect for a couple raising a family. Chino real-estate seems to be reasonably priced. It is possible to purchase a four bedroom spacious home in Chino for about $550-K. In addition, several real estate agencies which advertise on the Internet have a variety of homes available in Chino.

On Kumquat Place properties are for sale within the $450-K range. Currently a property 12561 Kumquat can is presently on the market for $449. The property offers 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom which sits on a 7200 square foot lot. The home is on the market through Century 21.

In addition to some beautiful homes, Chino also has various land which is currently for sale. For example a 1.99 acre lot can easily be purchased for about 1.6 million dollars. Currently, Re-max does have land for sale through their agency.

For a family seeking a spacious home, there is a property for sale located at 3785 Loyola Court within the heart of Chino. The home is roughly 2878 square feet and offers 5 large bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms. Apparently open house is being held on Saturdays throughout the month of August. This attractive property was built in 2003.

A three bedroom located on Wright Ave in Chino can be purchased for $480,000. This property is roughly 800 square feet and offers 2 bedrooms and 1 large bathroom with over-sized bath tub. This property is currently being handled through the Associates Realty Group. Setting an appointment in advance is required for any showing of this attractive home.

On Mc Intosh Ave in Chino a beautiful 3 bedroom home can be purchased for $385-K. A home listed for $385-K is a big bargain for this area of town in Chino. Mc Intosh Ave is located within a close proximity of at least two schools and a large shopping center complex. It is important to keep in mind that location is important.

Some properties in Chino do have swimming pools and large backyards. In addition, there are a variety of excellent schools, shopping marts and churches located in and around Chino. Chico real estate is a nice area especially for married couples raising children.

There are a variety of realtors located throughout Chino. Real estate agents are more than happy to take potential buyers on a tour of whatever home happens to be appealing to n individual.

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Chico California Real Estate Agent You Need

Attempting to buy a forever home on your own is not possible. At least, it was not for me. For over a year I attempted every way imaginable to find that perfect place on my own. I almost gave up. I almost settled for less. I would have too if it were not for a co-worker who just sold her house. I decided to call an agent from Chico Real Estate. It was the best decision I could have made.

The location, number of bedrooms, amount in square feet, and even the color of the door were written down. I had the perfect house in mind. I would not settle for less. I went online, and searched on local papers for this house. I could not find it. At least not in the area I wanted.

Feeling like the search would never end, I started finding myself looking at places I did not love. A few were pretty nice, but the travel to work would not justify settling for nice. Searching on my own was proving to be difficult.

One day at work, while discussing real estate with a co-worker, I brought up the mission I was on to find the perfect place. She and I discussed the pro’s and con’s of doing it without a professional. Ultimately, she convinced me to give a real estate agent a try.

This is how I learned about Chico real Estate. From the moment I spoke with the agent at Chico California Real Estate, I knew the search for my forever home was over. I was in good hands. The Chico California Real Estate agent was informative, professional, and courteous. In less than two weeks she was able to find what I was looking for. My forever home.


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